Maya Khudabadi’s India CMO Model: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

Maya Khudabadi, Chief Marketing Officer, Business Mantra

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 20: In order to assist businesses in making effective use of social media, Business Mantra, a full-service branding and marketing agency in India, plans to introduce a CMO Social Media Subscription model.

Business Mantra is confident in its soon-to-be-released subscription model, which will make it possible to develop a brand and maintain one’s online reputation with the touch of a button, in response to the surging demand for online commerce. “All you have to do is select your model and get pre-built content and customized strategy for your brand,” said Maya Khudabadi, the chief marketing officer at Business Mantra.

“As social media platforms continue to increase in popularity and revenue, they are undergoing a metamorphosis that will affect everything from their core values to how they are used for business and beyond. In light of this, we have conducted extensive empirical studies into the preferences and ease with which businesses maintain their social media accounts. We are thrilled to unveil our India CMO model today.

About the CMO Model in India

India CMO is a thorough, technically-sound, and easy-to-implement integration model. Companies that want to expand their marketing, distribution, or visiblity reach can do so easily.

This strategy will aid organizations in resolving their questions with a genuine and rational collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs), right from posing questions to receiving professional counsel and technical support.

Business Mantra was established on the concept of “simplifying SMM for any business, from startups to large-scale organizations. With this automated subscription model, we provide our users with the capacity to surface contextual knowledge, methods, and techniques in areas like influencer management, customer relationship management, online development, and content/video creation, as these are all areas where businesses are increasingly focusing their efforts.

Subscription models and ecosystems work together.

The CMO model in India is viable over the long term. Access the full potential of top-tier tools with the help of the cutting-edge capabilities of Business Mantra.

Using this method, businesses will be able to steadily expand their fan following by publishing content and updates on demand. According to a conversation with Business Mantra’s marketing chief, India CMO will soon feature a sleek new design and user-friendly menus as mentioned by Ms Khudabadi.

Users in India can choose their preferred subscription or ecosystem model based on their specific needs. There will be no intermediaries or need to call in reinforcements because this is a direct-to-consumer business. Based on the model you select, everything will operate mechanically. Things have never looked brighter for consumers and producers than they do now that social media 2.0 is radically altering the landscape. The future is brighter and better for all businesses that invest in brand development and total online brand growth. Khudabadi is amused by and understands the ever-changing nature of digital media and concludes by mentioning, Start-ups & budding entrepreneurs have to pay exhaustively for the digital visibility also, digital presence is so overwhelming that often people get confused in prioritizing the needs of visibility through these platforms. India CMO model will make an easy access to the world of marketing by offering solutions 24 x 7 and satisfying their doubts & queries for each respective industry. Yes, no one size fits all, similarly digital presence of the brand depends on the industry they serve in Maya Khudabadi explained. This model will not only give solutions of digital presence but educate each entrepreneur for the best possible way the brand could be promoted & is required.

I have put my 8 years of research to create this, she chuckled.

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