Visionary Women Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Best Visionary Women Entrepreneurs

New Delhi (India), November 20: On the occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, we embrace the power and tenacity of women who defy norms and reshape the business landscape. Here, we are featuring insights from 10 extraordinary women entrepreneurs in alphabetical order. Let these voices inspire—a celebration of their journey, vision, and impact in a world where women lead with innovation and determination.

1. Ankita Gupta, Founder – Syndiora
Ankita Gupta, the visionary founder of Syndiora, a renowned luxury lab-grown diamond jewellery brand, stands as a testament to entrepreneurial excellence. Celebrating its 7th anniversary, Syndiora reflects Ankita’s commitment to redefining the jewellery industry with sustainable practices. At the age of 30, hailing from Kolkata and now firmly rooted in Mumbai, Ankita’s journey embodies a fusion of cultural richness and urban dynamism.

Her passion for innovation and ethical sourcing led to the establishment of Syndiora, where each piece tells a story of elegance and responsibility. Under Ankita’s leadership, Syndiora has not only carved a niche in the luxury segment but has also become a symbol of sophistication, blending tradition and modernity seamlessly.

2. Bharati Nathwani, Co-founder – Darsh Infotech Pvt Ltd & Millennia Digital Ventures Pvt Ltd

Bharati Nathwani always believed in breaking the glass ceiling by not only being a women entrepreneur but also owning an IT company nearly 2 decades ago by co-founding Darsh Infotech Pvt Ltd and Millennia Digital Ventures Pvt Ltd. They provide IT support, consulting and have an in-house development team carrying bespoke development and developed their own products – Citrine, Rapid-EX and Khowgully. Bharati takes care of business development & finance in the company.

Bharati has set her eyes like a true visionary leader on things that have the potential to revolutionise the business in an unprecedented manner. The company is expanding into international markets like the Middle East and Africa, focusing on successful retail implementations. Bharati’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, “Never give up; obstacles are lessons on the journey to success. Keep marching forward, continuously learning from challenges.”

3. Laxmi Sowjanya, Co-Founder – SyncMinds Technologies

Laxmi Sowjanya, the owner of multiple businesses, has embarked on various ventures, experiencing both successes and failures. She started her IT firm “SyncMinds Technologies” in 2014, launched an IoT product in 2017, moved to IT services in 2022, started working on her Yoga Retreat venture in 2021, is a franchisee owner for an Aesthetic clinic, and many more. One thing that has been constant in all these years of her entrepreneurial journey is “learning.” In recognizing the challenges women face while pursuing their dreams, Laxmi emphasizes the importance of belief in oneself and consistent effort. Despite moments of self-doubt or feeling inadequate, she encourages women to persistently work towards their aspirations.

On this occasion of Women’s Entrepreneurship, she extends her best wishes to all the wonderful women who are trying their best to achieve their dreams and breaking barriers. Do not forget to remind yourself that “being strong is the only option” and keep going.

4. Namitha Vijayakumar, Co-Founder – Learning Ethos

Namitha is a certified Design Thinking practitioner and Learning Consultant with an extensive corporate background and an engineer by qualification. While working in the IT field, she discovered her passion and interest for training and coaching people and went ahead to chase and accomplish her dream of being a facilitator. She is known for the enormous amount of energy she infuses into her sessions and the creative methodologies used for facilitation. She has received many accolades for her passionate facilitation style, “The Most Energetic Trainer Award” by Dale Carnegie Training being one.

Her startup, Learning Ethos, focuses on creative learning and leverages games and strategic play to upskill. Learning Ethos were the winners of the Most Innovation L&D Company 2021′ organized by L&D Global Innovation Lab. Learning Ethos was also part of cohort21 of the 10K Women Entrepreneurs program at IIM B, NSRCEL. Namitha also won the top 8 business growth plan presentation during the program finale.

She’s a trained classical dancer and follows her passion for dancing and travelling during her free time. She also enjoys playing board games with her two young children during her breaks from work!

5. Nikita Vora, Founder – SHELeads100 (can be found by #AskNikita) 

Join the movement for women entrepreneurs with SHELeads100 this National Entrepreneurial Day! Embrace the power of diversity and innovation as we rally together to support and uplift aspiring female business leaders. 

Founded by the visionary Nikita Vora, SHELeads100 is not just a platform; it’s a movement dedicated to breaking barriers and fostering a community where women entrepreneurs thrive. Priti Bhaskarwar, Salonia Bajaj, Ritika Jain, and Dhara Adhvaryu, alongside Nikita, bring their expertise to create a dynamic space for growth and success. Explore cutting-edge website development, personalized mentoring, top-notch training, a dynamic marketplace, and unparalleled networking opportunities at SHELeads100. Visit our website at to be part of the movement. This National Entrepreneurial Day, be part of the movement! Empower yourself and others, celebrate success, and redefine the entrepreneurial landscape together.

6. Dr. Prerna Kohli, MPhil, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Gold Medalist, Awarded by the Hon. President of India, Founder – Mind Tribe

A seasoned psychologist and founder of MindTribe, a thriving mental health organization in India, Dr. Prerna Kohli has personally observed the resilience of women in entrepreneurship. Breaking barriers is not just an achievement; it’s a commitment to rewriting the narrative. In her 30-year journey, she has witnessed women cultivating thriving businesses while navigating societal expectations. Each venture is a testament to their strength and vision, a journey to build futures beyond conventional boundaries. Through her work, she has aimed to empower women by fostering mental well-being—a cornerstone for entrepreneurial success.

Women entrepreneurs not only pave the way but also create new avenues, inspiring others to dream, aspire, and break free from constraints. On this day, let’s champion the transformative power of women in entrepreneurship, fostering an environment where every woman can lead, innovate, and shape a brighter future.

7. Rashmi Rammohan, Shreya Prakash and Deepa Swamy, Co-founders – FlexiBees 

Founded by three women, FlexiBees is more than just a company; it’s a company founded for women. Dedicated to helping qualified women professionals return to work after a career break, they offer flexible employment such as part-time, remote, and project-based jobs. Simultaneously, the company assists businesses in hiring experienced talent through affordable and on-demand models. With a track record of providing vetted talent to 650+ global companies across functions, including Sales, Digital Marketing, Content, HR, Finance, Technology and so on, FlexiBees boasts a pool of 55k+ professionals.

As entrepreneurs first, the founders of FlexiBees recognize their dual role—both as business leaders and as women shaping the narrative for others. They stand as role models, challenging outdated perceptions about women in the workplace. On Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, FlexiBees extends wishes of strength to fellow women entrepreneurs, hoping they find the resilience to realize their ambitions.

8. Rhea Kumar, Founder – Works of Heaven

Meet Architect Rhea Kumar, the visionary force behind “Works of Heaven,” an outdoor furniture haven nestled in Ghitorni, New Delhi. Her entrepreneurial spirit has transformed mundane spaces into stylish sanctuaries, redefining outdoor living. Through her innovative designs, she seamlessly marries functionality with aesthetics, creating bespoke pieces that elevate every garden and patio.

In a male-dominated industry, she stands tall, breaking barriers and paving the way for women entrepreneurs. Her commitment to excellence is not just about crafting furniture; it’s about crafting experiences. As we recognize Architect Rhea Kumar, we celebrate not only the success of Works of Heaven but also Kumar’s inspiring journey, symbolizing resilience, creativity, and the limitless possibilities for women in business. She’s not just building furniture; she’s constructing dreams.
9. Richa Raj, CEO – Ritzy Technology

CEO of a leading tech research company, Ritzy Technology, Richa Raj embodies the spirit of innovation and relentless pursuit of knowledge. Started as a scientist and researcher in the field of AI and applied sciences, Richa has worked with ground-breaking technologies like e-Sanskrit Devices, Drone Medical Reach, AI Scanners and much more.

As her entrepreneurial journey continues to introduce new spheres of advancement in multiple businesses, Richa, the Icon of Pune Awardee, who’s also known for her hands-on approach and deep understanding of the intricacies of technology and its real-world application, is now also helping incubate and nurture new startups and innovative ideas around the country for many of them who aspire to build something innovative of their own. This blend of technical prowess, visionary leadership and a commitment to inclusive innovation makes Richa Raj, a standout figure in the research industry.

10. Dr. Shweta Singh, CEO & Founder – SheReal

Dr. Shweta Singh is a first-generation serial entrepreneur specializing in Intellectual property management, law, and philanthropy. She is the founder and CEO of award-winning IP consulting firm Ennoble IP, a platform for IP management solutions for all businesses globally, and SheReal, India’s first and only all-women professional networking platform based on DLT and Web3.0, which provides women with concrete opportunities and prospects for establishing a professional foothold. She is also the esteemed chairperson of CIIR.

With her strong empathy for women and her way of empowering them, she founded SheReal, the world’s first women’s professional networking platform. SheReal empowers women’s socioeconomic well-being through equitable opportunities, automated communications, and optimized workflows, fostering connections among female professionals globally.

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