ACME Group’s ‘Connect’ Fund as AIF Marks a New Era for AVGC Sector with Major Funding Secured

New Delhi (India) July 10 : ACME Group has taken a significant step forward by securing the initial funding for its INR 300 Crores groundbreaking CONNECT FUND, a CAT II Alternate Investment Fund (AIF). This fund is poised to transform India’s Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) sector, elevating it to international prominence as a hub of innovation and creativity.

The successful fundraising reflects the strong confidence in ACME Group’s vision to revolutionise the AVGC industry, driving growth and fostering technological advancements. With this initiative, ACME Group aims to position India as a global leader in the digital media landscape, marking a pivotal moment in the country’s journey towards creative excellence.

Growth Potential of AVGC in India

India’s Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) sector is on the cusp of a significant boom, presenting an incredible opportunity for growth and innovation. Recognised by the Indian Government as a critical focus area, the AVGC industry is currently valued at around $4 billion. Projections indicate that this value is set to soar to $12 billion by 2030, driven by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15-20%.

Several factors are fueling this impressive growth trajectory. The increasing popularity of digital media, the rising demand for immersive gaming experiences, and the integration of advanced VFX in films and television are key drivers. Additionally, the widespread use of AVGC technologies across various industries, including education, healthcare, and advertising, is expanding the sector’s reach and impact.

Catalyst for Change

ACME Group is set to transform the Animation, VFX, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) industry in India, pushing it to the forefront of global creativity and technological innovation. As the AVGC sector continues to experience rapid growth, ACME Group is unwavering in its dedication to driving positive change and supporting unprecedented growth. The successful fundraising for the CAT II AIF marks a significant milestone in ACME Group’s long-standing tradition of excellence and innovation in the financial industry.

Ramon Talwwar, MD & CEO of ACME Group, stressed the Connect Fund’s revolutionary potential, saying, “Our CAT II AIF is far more than a financial product; it’s a catalyst for transformation in the AVGC sector. We envision India becoming a world leader in creativity and technological advancements. This successful fundraising demonstrates our investors’ strong trust in our vision.”

Abhinav Shukla, Co-Founder of the Connect Fund, stated, “The Connect Fund aims to profoundly influence India’s AVGC sector by providing the crucial capital and strategic direction necessary to achieve significant growth and innovation.”

ACME Group’s Legacy of Excellence

ACME Group has a distinguished legacy of over 11 years in the financial services industry, known for its excellence and innovation. It is proficient in wealth management, financial advisory, and investment banking and serves a diverse clientele, including corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Its client-centric approach and commitment to delivering tailored investment solutions have set it as a trusted leader in the financial sector.

Commitment to Economic Growth

ACME Group is dedicated to fostering economic growth by investing in high-potential sectors like AVGC. Through strategic funding and expert guidance, they aim to drive innovation and create new opportunities within the industry. By supporting emerging companies and nurturing creative talent, ACME Group is committed to contributing to the broader economic development and positioning India as a global leader in technological advancements and creative industries.

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