Indian Achievers’ Forum hosted a webinar to discuss the key points about the G20 Presidency

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New Delhi (India), February 18: The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. It plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues. India holds the Presidency of the G20 from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023. Prime Minister has noted that India’s Presidency of the G20 during the year of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is a matter of pride for every Indian. The G20 meetings have already commenced in India, and we endeavour to organise about 200 of these meetings in 32 different sectors in multiple locations across India.

To discuss the salient points about the G20 presidency, Indian Achievers’ Forum organised a webinar on 14th Feb 2023, which was attended by various people from diverse areas of businesses and domains. Few of the attendees were award winners as well. This virtual meet focused on key areas like-

  1. What has India gained out of the G20 Presidency?
  2. How should India use the G20 Presidency?
  3. What India as a country shall have achieved by the end of its G20 Presidency?

The webinar commenced with opening remarks by Mr Harish Chandra, President, Indian Achievers’ Forum. He briefed everyone about the importance and the awaiting avenues of the G20 Presidency. Dr Sudipta Narayan Roy, Chairman, National Ayush Task Force & Managing Committee Member, ASSOCHAM, said, “Because of G20, in the coming years, we’ll find India is in a position where there’ll be a lot of exposure not only in the MSME sector but other sectors as well”.

Mr. S Ravi Shankar, Hon. Secretary, Indian Achievers’ Forum highlighted the importance of G20 in the Oil and Gas sector. He said, “G20 focuses on energy transition to a cleaner form of energy as well as talks about sustainability. It is something which is very important from the perspective of the global foray of India, and it will make us much stronger”.

Indian Association of Tour Operators’ Vice President, Mr Ravi Gosain, also attended the webinar. He put forward his views on the subject from the outlook of the Tourism industry. He opined, “Through G20, we’ll be able to showcase our culture, our warmness and especially Yoga and Ayurveda to the world, and we cannot get a better opportunity than this”.

Indian Achievers’ Forum, in its mission to recognise exemplary contributions towards the national building, also acknowledged a few achievers who have brought laurels to the nation. These individuals from varied areas of businesses and fields have portrayed how one must actively participate in the country’s growth. A few of the award winners recognised by the Indian Achievers’ Forum are-

– Mr Saurabh K, Director of Data Engineering, Lowe’s India

– Major Sushil Goel (Retd), Chairman & Managing Director, PC Training Institute Limited

– Dr. Aniruddha Pangarkar, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

– Dr Yusuf Saifee, Consultant Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon

– Mr Faisal Haq, COO, Crayons Advertising Limited

– Mr Durai Murugan Veerasamy, Head of WW Digital Studios  Amazon Development Centre

– Ms Sree Lakshmi Kanuri, Sr Product Manager, Dell Technologies

– Ms Piyushi Chaudhary, Manager – Consulting, Feedback Insights

– Mr Sonu Kumar Gupta, CEO & Founder Coders, Brain Technology Pvt Ltd

– Ms Shubhangi Babanrao Bhagwat, VP Customer & Delivery Advocacy, Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

– Mr Dwipam Deepak Katariya, Principal Data Scientist, Capital One

– Mr Pramod Misra, CEO,

– Mr Rayapudi Kiran Kumar, Senior Vice President, Sai Sreyas Pharmaceutical Private Limited

– Mr Rama Narayana Vedula, Head Operations   MicroGrid, Technologies Private Limited

– Mr Nikhil Sharma, Managing Director, Fabulous Media Private Limited

– Dr. Kunal Sharma, Associate Director & Section Head, Centre of Excellence & Histopathology, Lead- DP & AI initiatives     SRL Diagnostics

– Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh Solanki, Founder, Performance Enablers

– Darpan Prasher, Chairman, NGO Cultural Diversity for Peaceful Future

– Ms Aarti Gupta Bhadauria, Sculptor

– Mr Ankit Sirmorya, ML Engineering Manager Amazon

The session ended on a positive note with the promise to work collectively for India. Indian Achievers’ Forum also introduced the theme of their upcoming ground events which be based on the “G20”.

Webinar Link–

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